Sick Leave: Here’s How Employee Sick Days at Work Can Impact Businesses


Sick leave is a benefit that provides employees with the opportunity to take time off for issues related to health. This time off is different than paid time off (PTO) or vacation time.

Do you offer paid sick leave to your employees?

If so, you’re not alone. Paid sick leave is part of the benefits package for 85% of full-time employees in the United States.

When your employees take sick days at work, you may worry, but it can actually do more for your company than you think. Check out these five ways that employee sick days can positively impact your business.

1. Increase Employee Productivity

Employees who are allowed to take days off when they’re sick will be more productive when they’re at work. When employees feel more appreciated and valued, they’ll actually perform better while on the job.

2. Increase Office Morale

What business couldn’t use an increase in office morale? When employees are able to take sick days, you’re promoting a healthier work-life balance. Employees will feel more valued because you’re showing that you care about their health.

3. Employee Retention May Increase

Wondering how sick leave works to increase employee retention? Paid leave is one of the benefits that employees value the most. When employees receive benefits, such as paid sick leave, they feel valued as individuals, and therefore feel satisfied at work. When employees are happy at work, they’re more likely to stay.

4. Less Unplanned Absences

There are no laws against working while sick, but if you allow your employees to take sick days, there may be less unplanned absences. Of course, emergencies will still happen. When you give the benefit of sick days, you are better prepared when people take off shifts that can be covered as needed.

5. Prevent Other Employees From Getting Sick

When employees stay home when they’re sick, it prevents other employees, and customers, from getting the same ailments. Depending upon the sickness, when certain diseases are spread within an office, it can be detrimental.

In fact, 63% of cooks and servers have reported serving food while sick because they lack access to paid sick days. If they had paid sick leave, they could take the day off to heal and not risk infecting others.

Employee Sick Days at Work Can Benefit Your Business

Allowing employee sick days at work can greatly benefit both your employees and your business. Aside from increasing workplace morale and productivity, it can give you a competitive edge among other employers.

Looking to provide your employees with paid sick leave? Need help navigating the various paid sick leave laws around the U.S?

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