As a top name in PEO insurance, GIGA Solutions offers unmatched services to professional employer organizations of all sizes.

Your goal is to grow along with your clients and our insurance programs aid in that goal. Through our more than 100 years of combined experience, our insurance services are models of efficiency and productivity your PEO needs for continued expansion and viability. Our team is the best at what we do thanks to a focus on making your workplace better through our insurance programs.

Our risk assessment services identify and rectify issues through individualized solutions, resulting in an improved corporate environment. We work closely with your underwriters to ensure compliance, minimize risk, and maximize results.

Our benefits team can also review and analyze your current business operations to understand the individual benefit challenges your PEO faces. Our team of insurance experts can assist with carrier introductions (locally, regionally, and nationally), offer agency growth strategies, and provide overall benefits consultation.


Risk Mitigation

At GIGA Solutions, a principal foundation for improving your PEO and business insurance services stems from managing risk. Every business has risk, so understanding how best to protect your professional employer organization is paramount. Using industry-standard risk analytics, our team at GIGA Solutions will apply our experience and expertise to your PEO in order to devise a plan and policy for workers’ compensation, loss prevention and more. When GIGA Solutions minimizes your risk, we maximize your results!

Claims Resolutions

Claims are a large part of any PEO company and an efficient system from filing to resolution is key. Our claims management training programs apply the latest industry developments so your staff is operating at its most efficient. GIGA Solutions offers programs to improve the effectiveness of your underwriters and manage your claims resolution data for a smoother operation. Effective claims management is essential for any PEO so let our experienced and knowledgeable professionals develop a plan to improve your bottom line.

Workers’ Compensation

The insurance marketplace is always evolving so PEO insurance analysis is a much-needed commodity when maximizing your workers’ compensation policies. Efficient and accurate resolution of claims is important for your PEO business. GIGA Solutions offers comprehensive training and analysis for underwriters because wasting time and losing money on inaccurate claims simply isn’t a viable strategy. We analyze our PEO services and develop programs designed to meet the challenges faced by your organization on a regular basis. Our policy programs include:

  • Master
  • MCP
  • ASO
  • Carve-out
  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Deductible
  • Captive Programs

Management Tools

Our goal at GIGA Solutions is to drive down costs through efficiency models designed around your company. Our monthly claims analysis, collateral and financial review, loss forecasting, experience modification review and projections offers an in-depth accounting and adjusting of your PEO services for unparalleled results. Cutting your costs through improved efficiency is possible when you trust the experienced team at GIGA Solutions.

HR Outsourcing Solutions

How can you improve your HR outsourcing solutions? Through extensive analysis and program development, GIGA Solutions maximizes your HR outsourcing potential and boosts your bottom line. Our models promote efficiency and accuracy from the initial reporting process to successful resolution. GIGA Solutions develops training programs designed to improve interviewing, hiring, employee management and education. We also help bolster employee health and safety requirement compliance strategies and improve payroll accuracy and efficiency.

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