What is a PEO and Why Do They Matter?

Much of what we do here at GIGA Solutions is provide just that, solutions. For PEO’s, those solutions are valuable assets which improve their bottom line. Professional employer organizations are designed to help businesses of all sizes outsource aspects of human resources and other administrative duties. For a small business, the thought of managing things like payroll, business insurance, workers’ comp and more is overwhelming. They benefit greatly from choosing a PEO company with efficient and effective programs devised and implemented buy the professionals at GIGA Solutions.

Why Do Companies Use PEOs?

Companies looking for PEO services usually do so because of the longstanding business principle that time is money. PEOs streamline the administrative and human resources aspect of running a business so those in charge have more time on their hands to run a better business. GIGA Solutions is comprised of a team of professionals who understand why so many companies outsource their administrative tasks. Through that understanding, we’re able to develop and implement sound policy for the PEO’s we consult with. Saving time and money is the overall goal of each policy we design so you can better serve your clients.

Experience matters when it comes to the constantly shifting world of business solutions and that’s what makes the team at GIGA Solutions so valuable. In fact, our combined experience offering quality consulting across various PEO, staffing and hospitality industries spans more than a century. That’s experience you can trust.  Our team is the best at what we do thanks to a focus on making your workplace better through our insurance programs. Our focus on minimizing risk and maximizing results through an improved corporate environment sets us apart in an industry where being the best is a considerable advantage. Get in touch with the team at GIGA Solutions today and learn more!

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