A professional employer organization, or PEO, is a company that can help serve small and medium sized businesses by serving as an outsourced human resources department. PEO insurance in Boca Raton is perfect for those with small businesses but are not equipped to handle employment services such as payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with employer related laws. At GIGA Solutions we can help your business get the right PEO insurance so that you minimize your risk and get the results your business is looking for. Our insurance programs are designed and focused on helping make your business a better workplace through minimizing risk and maximizing results.  

What PEO policy programs are offered at GIGA Solutions?  

At GIGA Solutions we offer custom risk mitigation and insurance plans for small and medium sized businesses. Our PEO policy programs are centered around helping these businesses by offering effective solutions. Our programs help meet the challenges that come with running a small to medium sized business. These policy programs include:  

  • Master 
  • MCP 
  • ASO 
  • Carve-out 
  • Guaranteed Cost  
  • Deductible  
  • Captive Programs  

At GIGA Solutions we also offer specialty programs that can be designed around your business and your business needs. When you run a small business, you don’t always need to work harder, sometimes it pays to work smarter. When you get PEO insurance it will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.  

Why choose PEO insurance from GIGA Solutions?

As your business grows it’s normal to need additional help with certain aspects of your business. Most owners don’t have experience with human resource training, payroll and accounting, HR management, and dealing with employer-related laws. PEO insurance can help your business as it grows and allow you to continue focusing on growing your business. Our team at GIGA Solutions can help you get the right PEO insurance in Boca Raton. Call us today to speak with our professionals and to get started on finding the right policy for your business.