Workers’ Compensation







No matter how small a business may be, there’s still a need for business insurance coverage like a workers’ compensation plan. Managing the costs surrounding commercial insurance policies falls on the sturdy shoulders of the team at GIGA Solutions. We offer training and data analysis for underwriters providing insurance across a variety of industries. Our policy programs include:

  • Master
  • MCP
  • ASO
  • Carve-out
  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Deductible
  • Captive Programs


When clients ask, do I have enough coverage under my workers’ compensation plan, GIGA Solutions provides an accurate answer driven by the latest data and research combined with the industry standard. Managing costs while still delivering a quality policy is what we want for all our clients who are looking for help with their workers’ compensation. We analyze our PEO services and develop programs designed to meet the challenges faced by your organization on a regular basis. Losing money and wasting time are a death sentence for any business. Improve how you do things today with help from the team at GIGA Solutions.

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