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Experience matters.

Experience matters. At GIGA Solutions, our combined PEO industry experience spans more than 100 years developing industry leading workers’ compensation strategies. Our mission is to aid in the growth and continued viability of your PEO company through our efficient and effective cost reduction programs. We’ve established a foundation for mitigating costs and streamlining PEO solutions for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Our approach stems from experience and a strong understanding of how to best implement comprehensive business and PEO insurance policies your company can rely on.

Our risk assessment services identify and rectify issues through individualized solutions. We work closely with your underwriters to ensure compliance and minimize risk, allowing your PEO company to reach its full potential.

Efficient & Excellent PEO Solutions

The PEO solutions designed and implemented by our team set the standard for efficiency and excellence. We craft individualized solutions based on an analysis of the various needs of your company. Our selection of options and services is unmatched in the PEO industry and we pride ourselves on a constant search for improvement in every area.

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We partner with the best service providers to offer a multitude of insurance and outsourcing solutions to help PEOs and other businesses grow, along with organizations, such as NAPEO, that are continuously contributing to the growth of the PEO industry.

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